Pfizer CHANTIX (Champix Varenicline) to Quit Smoking


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A full 12 weeks of CHANTIX is recommended, but you should always take CHANTIX as prescribed by your doctor. See the chart below for dosing information.

CHANTIX Varenicline should be taken after eating and with a full glass (8 ounces) of water.
A 12-week CHANTIX prescription includes 1 Starting Month Box and 2 Continuing Month Boxes.
Within each one-month Box are 4 Weekly doses of CHANTIX.

Champix dosing can be extraordinarily shit in support of
battling smoking addiction. Chantix stops the tangible cravings after nicotine
that a smoker may experience. These cravings are vicinity of the withdrawal
symptoms that materialize when smoking ceases and are successfully dealt with
through the activation of the nicotine receptors. Chantix does not stopping up
the spiritual cravings, however. In addition to the Chantix dispense 2012
medical journal articles recommend concurrent counseling to forbear the smoker
with learning avoidance techniques to sell with the psychological dependence on


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